Why You Should Use Scroll Stoppers in Your Advertising

What is a Scroll Stopper? (And why you need it badly in your ads)

With an average attention span of only 8 seconds for a content consumer, marketers face a great difficulty when trying to grab the attention of people on social media. The scroll stopper is probably the quickest solution for this. It’s a thing in your ad that instantly grabs the viewer’s attention.

And what’s shocking is that most e-commerce advertisers are neglecting the first few seconds of their videos and, therefore, losing the opportunity to easily grab the viewer’s attention. So, by using scroll stoppers, you will be way ahead of your competitors.


How can you actually achieve this?

We created a special video that is dedicated to the importance of scroll stoppers and how they can boost the sales of your e-commerce store. You can watch the whole video here:



In this video you will find tips on how to make good scroll stoppers that will actually help you catch the attention of the social media users. We also explain how with little effort, like adding a scroll stopper to your videos, you can make a huge difference and actually get better results from your Facebook ads. 


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