Viktor Stoilov & Blago Kamenov discuss their recent $110k revenue in 2 days

Viktor Stoilov & Blago Kamenov discuss their recent $110k revenue in 2 days

If you’ve ever doubted the power of Facebook ads or questioned the viability of e-commerce in 2024, prepare to have your beliefs shattered.

Viktor Stoilov, the founder of Markademics, has given a super valuable interview to his brand partner – Blago Kamenov in Blago’s YouTube channel.

They unravel the secrets behind their record-breaking achievement. Together, they delve into the strategy that delivered $110k revenue in 2 days.

But this triumph didn’t come out of the blue. It was the culmination of four months of relentless preparation that caught competitors off guard. Blago and Viktor share the inside on their preparation timeline, from the initial stages of identifying peak demand periods to the execution of the sale event.

What sets this video apart is not just the numbers, but the invaluable insights shared by Blago and Viktor, which offer a blueprint for scaling to tremendous heights.


The Key to Scaling: Preparation

When it comes to scaling, it’s all about being prepared. Viktor and his team executed a phenomenal job in planning for this sale event, showcasing the power of thorough preparation. Viktor elaborates on the timeline and preparation strategies, providing insights that every e-commerce store can benefit from.


Identifying High-Demand Periods

Every e-commerce store experiences peak demand periods throughout the year. For their brand, the beginning of May is one such period. They identified and prepared for these high-demand periods in order to increase traffic and sales potential.


Early Preparation: The Four-Month Strategy

Viktor shared that one common mistake is starting the preparation just one to two weeks before an event. He makes a parallel that they started preparing as early as January.


The team’s preparation involved:

New Winners Search: They tested new concepts and ideas, looking for winning strategies that could serve as a stable foundation.

Creative and Communication Testing: They spent four months testing new creatives and working with influencers and partners

Relationship Building and Content: This included photo shoots, video shoots and collaborations.

The Importance of Long-Term Vision: During low seasons, it’s crucial not to get discouraged. The team’s extensive testing and preparation allowed them to develop concepts and strategies that would work during high-demand periods.

Execution: When the time came, they executed their plan with precision. By leveraging proven assets and scaling budgets dramatically, they achieved remarkable results.


What was the strategy behind the execution:

Evergreen Creatives: They relied on single image and GIF creatives that had previously proven successful.

Scaling Ad Spend: They increased their ad spend from $2,000 per day to $16,000 on the day of the event, resulting in a 20x revenue increase.

Relevant Message: They adapted their message to make it event-specific, which improved conversion rates.

By placing higher budgets and focusing on new customer acquisition, they outperformed their competitors who were primarily targeting their own existing customer bases.


The Role of a Media Buyer

A media buyer’s role is crucial for successful scaling. They need to be analytical, proactive and able to identify and seize market opportunities.
Their ability to analyze data and prepare for large-scale campaigns can make a significant difference in achieving record-breaking sales.

During the event, engaging with customers is vital. It is important to actively handle objections and questions in the comments, providing a personal touch and building trust with potential buyers.

For those looking to scale their e-commerce business – start preparing early. With the right preparation and execution, you can outpace your competitors and achieve unprecedented success.

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