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With our team of young, ambitious and super competent specialists, your projects are in safe hands.

Viktor Stoilov

Founder and head of strategy

I created Markademics in 2017 to prove that it’s not necessary to go down the traditional way and to show people that if you build your own the results can be even better. On this very way, I met a lot of ambitious young people, who you’re about to see below. Every day we work on “a few continents” and create effective ad campaigns for a number of online stores.

I’m In charge of creating ad strategies for the online stores of our customers. My tasks typically consist of finding the best personalised solutions for the current situation of our clients, taking into account the challenges, the opportunities and the resources available to us.

I love what I do, but the two main reasons are:
I have complete freedom to create. Despite us being a Performance marketing agency, we are constantly doing something creative, which leads to immediate results. For this to happen, I must take my time to learn psychology, strategies and tactics from many different fields and to challenge myself.

Along with creating ad strategies, which lead to better results for many of our clients, I can see the progress every single person from our team makes. It’s a pleasure working with colleagues, who are always ready to learn, to try new things and most importantly to help each other out.

In my free time, I love reading history books and documents, collecting vinyls, learning the cello, watching air force rallies, volunteering and many other things.

Rebecca Marinova

Head of Projects

My name is Rebeca and I’m working as Project Manager at Markademics – the link between creativity, Facebook data and fulfilment of your business needs. I’m responsible for planning and developing the content ideas while ensuring the projects are on time, on budget, and within scope. Every decision I make involves a carefully thought-out strategic process – whether I’m strategizing a content plan or standing in line deciding between vanilla or caramel ice cream. When I’m not monitoring your Facebook ads, you can find me playing the piano, reading a new book or exercising at the gym.

Alexandrina Valenti

Head of graphic design

I am a graphic designer at Markademics and I create the banners for the stores’ social media accounts. I like when I can express my creativity through work and I love the team! Outside of work, I work on more projects. I also write poetry, draw, take photos and travel… La dolce vita!

Mario Indrizov

Project manager and Media buyer (Facebook and Google)

When the good results of each individual client depend on thoroughly analysed data and subsequent decisions, the communication between our team and our partners is of overriding importance and that is, essentially, where my role comes into play.

My name is Mario and I am almost super, but not exactly. I joined Markademics in the fall of 2020 and my life has taken a dramatic turn since. My amazing team, which I have been very honoured to be working with to this day, gave me the opportunity to enter the global world of online advertising, which in turn whetted my appetite for knowledge and success. Our daily work on various case studies is fundamental to the development of our young brains, and it truly is exciting to see how the right solution to a problem can have an immediate effect on results.

Apart from my passion for digital marketing, I am a keen sportsman and I adore challenges as they keep me alert and eager for new achievements.

Maria Lazarova

Account manager & Creative expert

My name is Maria and I am a digital advertiser here at Markademics. I help our customers get the most out of their Facebook ads investment and generate sales all around the world. I love working with companies in different industries from fashion brands to toy stores. During my free time, I enjoy going for a walk, a hike in nature or best case scenario a nice road trip. Always up for a tasty dish, a hot cup of coffee and a thrilling movie.

Elena Chardaklieva

Account manager and Media buyer (Facebook and Google)

My name is Elena and I am a Facebook Media Buyer at Markademics. My work is dynamic and full of interesting challenges, but the greatest pleasure for me is working with the rest of the team! We manage a variety of marketing campaigns together, analyse our clients’ performance to help them have even better results, and with joint efforts, we can handle any situation. In my free time, I enjoy exercising, going out with my friends and travelling.

Katerina Doncheva​

E-commerce manager & Email marketing

Hi, I’m Kat – one of the E-commerce managers in the team! The best thing about my job is the fact that everything I do becomes a reality so fast! The content creation that I’m required to do for our projects is absolutely my favourite part. Of course, there are a lot of challenges during the process of my work but the results are always worth it!

Izabel Stoykova​

Account manager & Facebook media buyer

My name is Izabel and I am a Facebook Media Buyer at Markademics. My favourite thing about my work, besides the final good results, is the challenging process of achieving them. Together with the amazing team I work with, we are daily faced with a variety of challenging projects in which, with well-analysed strategic decisions, we help our clients to develop their businesses to the maximum and achieve better results in their online sales. My work enables me to combine my technical skills with my creativity which I inspire in my free time by spending time in nature, exercising at the gym, or creating music.

Vasil Georgiev

Media buyer (Facebook & Google)

I am a Digital Marketing expert with experience in the Email and Facebook marketing areas. I can describe myself as determined, ambitious and persuasive. I am driven by high energy, strong will and a thirst for knowledge. I value collaboration and team accomplishments and I am always willing to take on a new challenge.

Boryana Ivanova

Creative expert & Social Media Manager

My name is Boryana and I’m working as Social Media Marketing Manager at Markademics. What I like most about this company is the dynamic atmosphere, the friendly team and the variety of creative tasks. I discovered that teamwork was a great challenge for me, as I am extremely introverted, but that was the exact thing that motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and to develop further skills. In my free time I like to draw and read all kinds of books, which lets my imagination run wild and helps me a lot when creating content.

Yoana Boyadjieva

Two Ecomm Experts Podcast manager

Hey, my name is Yoana, but everyone calls me Yo. I am an intern at Markademics. What I like most about the job is the communication with bright young people. The most challenging thing about the job is the dynamic atmosphere, where I learn a lot every day. I love being outdoors and travelling, on the weekends you can catch me somewhere in nature.

Hristina Angelova

Accounting & finance

My job at Markademics is diverse. I manage the invoices, order the payments, report to the government services, analyse documents and consult the whole company. In a nutshell – I am the person who does all the administrative work in the company.

I have a lot of experience in accounting, but my work with Markademics EOOD enriched me even more. It is always interesting when new cases show up, but the thing I like the most is that I met so many young, intelligent and creative people. This company is very futuristic.
Outside of work, I love to have fun with my friends and family. I do folklore dancing and I love playing with my cat Lea.

Simeon Tanev

E-commerce manager & Email marketing

Hello! My name is Simeon, but you can call me Simo! I specialize in brand management and email marketing.

What I love about my job is that with each project we undertake, I’m able to express my creativity and strategy-building skills. When I’m out of the office, you can find me at the squash hall or snowboarding on the mountain slopes.

Always ready for the next challenge!

Borislav Hinov

Facebook Media Buyer

Hello! My name is Borislav and I am a Media Buyer at Markademics.
My work consists mainly of communication with the team, data analysis and decision making. Every project meets me with new challenges and new fields to build on. The opportunity to combine creativity and critical thinking to achieve maximum ROI for our clients makes me more than happy.
In addition to guiding me through my E-com and Digital marketing journey, Markademics teaches me many other useful skills and helps me gain more and more knowledge. In short, it teaches me how the right mindset and teamwork can turn online clicks into sales.
In my spare time, I like to hang out with friends, read or play sports. I’m a fan of a few sports, but I’d definitely put football first!

Elena Ivanova​


My name is Elena or like some of my colleagues would say “Eli II”. Ever since I’ve known myself I have been helping people in some kind of way, in Markademics that quality of mine is combined and tightly connected with my passion to research and analyse, build long-lasting connections and work with our diverse team! I love improving myself constantly as this is my goal for the companies I research, to find ways of improving their outlook and implementing new ways to present them to the audience. In my free time, you can see me baking healthy recipes, reading books or mastering a new hobby!

Lyubomir Stoilov


Lyubomir is the most experienced member of the Markademics team. As an entrepreneur and a marketer for more than 15 years, he has participated in hundreds of digital marketing projects. He has a huge experience in online advertising on all major platforms.

His involvement in the agency is practically from its founding. He mainly contributes to the strategic development of the company. He is also involved in some of the clients’ projects and helps with the training of the younger members of the team.

Mihail Atanasov

Strategic growth & Email marketing consultant

My name is Michael and I am one of the advertising strategists here at Markademics! What I do is create tailored Facebook & Instagram ads for our clients that help them get the best out of our work. On the weekends, you’d find me trying different foods, working out, and going on 1-day trips.

Blagovest Kamenov

E-commerce growth consultant

My passion for marketing and entrepreneurship awakened when I was 17 years old, and my work at Markademics ignited it even more with the various projects with bulgarian and foreign clients for which I develop and implement advertising strategies. I’ve always dreamed of having the freedom to work from any corner of the world and the flexible approach to working in our team has allowed me to achieve just that. Every week we face countless challenges, the biggest of which is developing a completely new product for our online store. Work often involves a lot of stress, so I like to relax in my free time through sports and outdoor activities, or by pursuing one of my many hobbies such as cars, watches, music, and more recently cooking.

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