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Our work process

This is where we get to know you and your business. We’ll talk about your goals and challenges. We need to see that you are committed to creating a long-term successful store. 

You will also be able to ask us any questions and get to know our advertising methods.

We evaluate the potential of your business and decide whether we can partner or not. In case you fit we will make you a proposal with details on how we can work together.

This step can take up to a few days but in some cases decisions are made right after the discovery call.

After we agree on terms we immediately begin to develop the main advertising strategy for your specific case. Plus we initiate the client onboarding process in which we will ask you to provide certain materials, give us access to your ad accounts and we assign head project manager and media buyer. 

This step usually takes a few days. 

The initial testing period of a new strategy takes between 4 and 6 weeks. This is a period in which we are collecting data that is extremely important for the development of the ad strategy. When it’s necessary we make adjustments to the plans until we see a steady opportunity for growth. It’s important to give time to the algorithms on the advertising platforms. Unless you have a very seasonal product we push for scaling after we see that the algorithms work in your favor. 

In most cases we are able to begin aggressive scaling after 2-3 months. 


We can tell you if it’s possible for you in the discovery call!