Sparking Glimmer in the E-commerce world – Podcast Season 2 – Ep.3

Two Ecomm Experts Podcast – Season 2 – Episode 3

Topic:Sparking Glimmer in the E-commerce world

Special guest: Jared Oliva

In the third episode of the second season of the Two Ecomm Experts podcast, we are welcoming Jared Oliva, an American co-founder of a revolutionary moss ball pet business.

Who is Jared Oliva?

Jared Oliva, an American entrepreneur and inventor who co-founded Moss Amigos. He and his partner Will Starr founded the company due to their belief that anyone can take care of a plant — green thumb or not! Moss Amigos is the perfect low-maintenance companion for any space that needs a dash of life and color.

Sparking Glimmers in ads instead of Triggers

Jared Oliva shares valuable insights into his approach to marketing and selling his brand Moss Amigos. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the psychology of buyers and tailoring advertising strategies to resonate with specific target audiences.

Oliva discusses the diverse nature of consumer preferences and the need for careful consideration in presenting products. He highlights the significance of creating a sense of calm or soothing elements in advertisements to capture attention without overwhelming the viewer. He cites examples from his own ad campaigns, featuring visuals of aventurine stones and cozy settings, all designed to evoke positive emotions.

Furthermore, Oliva underscores the role of setting, composition, and tone in crafting effective ads.The design composition is advised to be dynamic but not overwhelming, ensuring the product remains in the forefront. Oliva’s insights challenge the prevailing trend of aggressive and dynamic advertising based on triggers, suggesting that a more relaxed and relatable approach, which he calls glimmers, may be better suited for certain brands and target demographics. He encourages advertisers to be mindful of the tone, avoiding overly serious messages, and instead focusing on creating a positive experience for the customer.


Other topics discussed in the episode:

  • Understanding Buyer Psychology
  • Transition to Retail and E-commerce
  • The Importance of Organic and Authentic Marketing
  • Bootstrapping your business
  • Building a good community
  • Lifetime value and Retention
  • Advertising Seasonal Products
  • Success and failure on Facebook
  • Tiktok Shop
  • Google ads


Few words about our podcast

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