Solving E-commerce ads tracking after iOS 14 – Podcast Ep. 2

The Markademics Podcast Episode 2

Topic: “Solving E-commerce ads tracking after iOS 14”

Special guest: Matt Pattoli


In the second episode of the Markademics podcast, our host Viktor will talk with Matt about the notorious IOS 14 Update and how it affects ad tracking.


Who is Matt Pattoli?

Matt Pattoli is the Co-founder of Cometly – a software that gives you a smart way to track, analyze and scale your Facebook ad campaigns. Matt started an advertising agency in 2012 together with the other co-founder of Cometly – Grant Cooper. When they exited the company in 2019, they continued scaling their business and doing other projects. During this time, even before IOS 14, they noticed tracking issues with their ads, so they decided to create Cometly.


How did Cometly start out?

Cometly actually started out with a spreadsheet with links to dashboards with accurate data coming in. They saw that this actually worked so they decided to turn it into a software.


How did the IOS 14 update change the game for advertisers?

“Essentially Apple gave the option of users to opt-out of app tracking, and when that happened Apple stopped sharing the IDFA(Identification for Advertisers) with Facebook.” 

Do you want to learn what exactly changed with IOS 14 update and how Facebook currently attributes purchases to the wrong ads?

You can watch the whole episode here, where Matt shares more about how the Facebook tracking mechanism works, what is the future of advertising, what is fingerprint tracking, and much more.



Few words about our podcast

The host of the Markademics podcast is Viktor Stoilov – an advertising strategist, Founder & CEO of Markademics, and co-founder of a 7-figure e-commerce store.


The podcast’s goal is to give the spotlight to specialists in the marketing industry who make great things happen and provide a place for them to share their experience and knowledge. The podcast explores many different topics such as general marketing, advertising, supply, and logistics.


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