Live Shopping: The Game-Changer for E-commerce Businesses – Podcast Ep.9

Oscar Bjørn-Rosager CYKOM

The Markademics Podcast Episode 9

Topic: “Live Shopping: The Game-Changer for E-commerce Businesses”

Special guest: Oscar Bjørn-Rosager

In the ninth episode of the Markademics podcast, we are welcoming our next guest Oscar Bjørn-Rosager, who is going to share more about his expertise on live shopping through his brands CYKOM and isolés.


Who is Oscar Bjørn-Rosager?

Oscar Bjørn-Rosager is 26 years old and the CEO & Founder of CYKOM. The Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe honoree from 2021 founded the business when he was just 19 and has ever since been taking the cycling community by storm. The main idea of CYKOM is to buy and sell the official bikes of the Tour de France teams and sell them to their customers in more than 80 countries. CYKOM is the official supplier of Tour de France Merchandise and official team jerseys. Lastly, CYKOM is hosting the official webshops of several Tour de France and pro cycling teams. Today CYKOM has between 20 and 30 employees, depending on the season. 


Live shopping

Oscar has found a powerful strategy to boost traffic and sales for his online stores: live-shopping events. These captivating virtual experiences engage his audience and create excitement around his products.
To ensure success, Oscar follows a step-by-step approach. He carefully selects the products for the event, creates a Facebook live-shopping event with exclusive offers, and promotes it beforehand to generate interest. He invites potential customers and runs targeted ads for wider reach.

During the live-shopping event, Oscar emphasizes limited product quantities to create urgency. This compels shoppers to act quickly and secure their desired items. He also hires a professional video agency to showcase products beautifully and provide all the necessary details and special discounts, ensuring a delightful shopping experience.

More details on the art of organizing live shopping events on the ninth episode of The Markadmeics Podcast.


 Other topics discussed in the episode

  • Business Plan behind recycling professional gear
  • Creating a logistics system that brings in a good cashflow 
  • Dealing with VAT, taxes, and other accounting issues
  • How does live shopping work?
  • Organizing Live-shopping: strategies, frequency, preparation, products
  • Hiring a Professional Video Agency For Live Shopping
  • Adapting Your Business To Stay Profitable
  • Creating a community around your product 
  • Big Misconceptions About Business


Few words about our podcast

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The podcast’s goal is to give the spotlight to specialists in the marketing industry who make great things happen and provide a place for them to share their experience and knowledge. The podcast explores many different topics such as general marketing, advertising, supply, and logistics.

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