How to build sellable E-commerce brands – Podcast Ep. 1

markademics podcast how to build sellable brands

The Markademics Podcast Episode 1

Topic: “How to build sellable E-commerce brands”
Special guest: Alex Fedotoff

In this first episode of the Markademics Podcast our founder Viktor is doing an interview with Alex Fedotoff on the very interesting topic of how to build sellable e-commerce brands.

Who is Alex Fedotoff?

Forbes calls him “King of Scaling Facebook Ads”, Alex Fedotoff shares how to build a sellable e-commerce business. He is one of the top Facebook advertising strategists for e-commerce in the world, scaling businesses from 0 to $15 million in less than 16 months and generating over $100 million in e-commerce sales throughout his career. His community eCommerce Scaling Secrets connects and helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses to 7-8 figure level.

Why building sellable E-commerce brand?

Selling an e-commerce business can be a tricky thing. Quite often even very profitable stores are hard to sell for a good price. So knowing how to make an ecommerce business sellable can really help your exit strategy. If you do things right, you can get much better offers for what you’ve build.

Additionally, even if you have no intention to sell your business, you still get the benefits of making it more sustainable and long-term oriented.

In this episode we discuss  exactly how you can do that with a person who has seen it and who has done it many times.

Enjoy the episode!

Few words about our podcast

The host of the Markademics podcast is Viktor Stoilov – an advertising strategist, Founder & CEO of Markademics, and co-founder of a 7-figure e-commerce store.

The podcast’s goal is to give the spotlight to specialists in the marketing industry who make great things happen and provide a place for them to share their experience and knowledge. The podcast explores many different topics such as general marketing, advertising, supply, and logistics.

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