Facebook & Klaviyo – How They Work Together

facebook ads and klaviyo

Author: Mihail Atanasov

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform for eCommerce stores that is used by most eCommerce businesses out there. It allows businesses to leverage their emails lists by sending campaigns to their subscribers and creating advanced automated flows (email sequences). The majority of our clients are also its customers.

Klaviyo is a complex platform with many features and we don’t have to know everything about it as advertisers. There are however a few aspects, related to ads we need to keep in mind.

One of these is the integration between Facebook Ads and Klaviyo which allows you to effectively link your Facebook Ads and email marketing strategies for better performance and customer experience.

The connection between two the has 2 major features:

1. Syncing Klaviyo segments to Facebook audiences

Put it in a single sentence – you can create Facebook audiences with your segments in Klaviyo (Facebook will match the Facebook profile of the user with their email from the Klaviyo database).

This can be very powerful as Klaviyo has a very powerful segmentation tool that allows you to pick subscribers based on various specific criteria. Among those tools are abilities like picking: customers with a certain LTV, people who interacted only with certain products, or loyal buyers who’ve been buying only a single product again and again for years…

Thus with the integration, you can run ads that are more personalized and relevant, thanks to the more detailed targeting.
If your store has multiple products and categories, you can test a bunch of narrow audiences with tailored offers to increase the efficiency of your BOFU and PC campaigns.

2. Running lead generation ads with email collection within the Facebook interface

As you might already know, you can do lead generation on Facebook without having to build landing pages on your website, by launching Lead Generation type of campaigns.

The integration between Facebook and Klaviyo allows you to easily connect the forms you create within the Facebook Ads manager to a Klaviyo list, so the emails collected go right in the database. You’d then be able to start sending campaigns to those users or trigger a flow for those new subscribers.

How to connect the 2 – tech guide

Here is how to connect the 2 platforms and then sync your segments:

Open Klaviyo >>> Integrations >>> All Integrations >>> Facebook Advertising >>> Connect to Facebook Advertising >>> Edit Settings >>> “select the Facebook page of your store” >>> Next >>> Make sure all permissions are enabled >>> Done >>> Integrate >>> Select the advertising account you are using >>> if you see a note about terms of service, make sure to open the given link and accept the terms >>> Done!

You’ll then be able to sync your segments and connect the Facebook forms to your Klaviyo lists.

Use cases for segment sync feature

#1 Targeting subscribers who are actively engaging with certain emails you are sending (example for a furniture store)

Let’s say you do a massive sale on bedroom furniture and you mostly promote it via email. With the integration, you’d be able to create a segment of people who opened those emails the most but haven’t purchased and target them with a dedicated ad campaign on Facebook. That campaign could leverage a stronger urgency factor and/or give better offer/s. That would significantly boost the eCommerce funnel and help extract more sales when you are doing certain promotions.

#2 Targeting customers who got a certain product some time ago (example for a supplement store)

Facebook has the option to segment out customers from a certain time ago (PUR audiences), however, it doesn’t allow you to define the type of customer you want to create an audience for (e.g. an audience of customers who bought whey protein in the last 90 days). This is where Klaviyo can come in and enable this feature for you – you can create a segment for that type of buyer and sync it with a Facebook audience!

You’d then be able to create a tailored campaign for those people with relevant messaging and offers just for that segment. For example, you can have a campaign that reminds whey protein customers to buy their next package when they’ve likely finished their previous one.

#3 Targeting Early Bird lists (example for a beauty brand)

A lot of brands do early bird lists before launching big sales (like on Black Friday). These are people who’ve indicated interest in that promo. It’s typically done with a landing page where people sign up to receive the offers before everyone else.

When the day of the early bird sale comes, these people receive campaigns with the offers, AND with the Facebook integration, they can also be targeted with ads.

The same logic can also be applied to product launches – having an early bird list for people who want to order it first. If a beauty brand is doing a new lipstick launch, they’d, again, set up a landing page with subscribers who are interested in buying it first, send an email with a link to the product page via email, AND promote it on Facebook.

We’ve done such campaigns in the past and got extremely high ROAS on those. With this technique, you’ll ensure almost all members of that list will be notified about the early launch they signed up for.


Facebook Pixel has powerful segmentation tools that you can already build highly efficient campaigns with. With the Klaviyo integration, however, you’ll be able to go one step ahead!

Data has always been valuable to us as digital advertisers – the more we have, the better we can do our job.

It’s important however to keep in mind that the use cases of the integration can be especially powerful for large stores with a lot of existing traffic and not so much for small stores that are just starting. The reason behind being the fact that new stores have small lists sizes and when the size of an audience is below 1000 members, Facebook won’t show the ads to those people because of the small target group.

We hope you found this article interesting and useful and that you’ll leverage the feature and the tactics we shared. Should you have any further questions or suggestions about the topic we’ll be glad to hear from you!

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