Facebook Ads Secrets for ToFu

How can you sell more to your cold audiences?

The Top of the Funnel (ToFu) stage of your ads is probably the most important part for the success of your e-commerce store. A huge mistake that many advertisers make on Facebook is not having a proper Top of the Funnel on Facebook. But what does that mean? You can watch the whole Youtube video here:



In this stage of the advertising funnel you have the people that have never engaged with your content on social media or have never purchased from your store. This is why it is so important for e-commerce advertisers to grab the attention of those people and make them potential customers.


From our experience as specialists in the advertising field, we are going to tell you what we do when we have new clients. We will give you advanced tips on how to acquire new customers for your store with top of the funnel #tofu ads, we explain what a real ToFu is, what are the main issues that marketers face and how to solve them.


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