E-commerce Logistics Preparation for Q4 – Podcast Ep.8

Izzy rosenweig podcast

The Markademics Podcast Episode 8

Topic: “E-commerce Logistics Preparation for Q4”

Special guest: Izzy Rosenzweig

In the eigth episode of the Markademics podcast, our host Viktor has invited Izzy Rosenzweig to share his knowledge on DTC logistics, supply chain, inventory management


Who is Izzy Rosenzweig?

Izzy Rosenzweig is the CEO of Portless and the founder of Browze. He is a renowned expert in cross-border logistics, committed to helping DTC brands maximize their profit margins and cash flow. Through Portless, Izzy has revolutionized e-commerce fulfillment, ensuring exceptional accuracy and timely delivery of over 2.5 million cross-border packages. Additionally, as the visionary behind Browze, Izzy has curated a unique cross-border marketplace, sourcing high-quality, affordable products directly from overseas factories. With a strong emphasis on customer service and a deep understanding of logistics and DTC growth, Izzy shares invaluable insights on optimizing e-commerce operations for enhanced profitability and sustainable success.


Planning and preparing for Q4

As the Q4 period approaches, businesses face the daunting task of planning for inventory management and forecasting. By examining growth rates, trends, and product performance during previous Q4 seasons, businesses can gain valuable insights into which products have historically performed well. This data serves as a solid foundation for making informed decisions regarding inventory levels, identifying potential growth opportunities, and allocating resources effectively. Izzy advises closely monitoring production capacities and lead times with factories to ensure timely replenishment of inventory and avoid the risks of overstocking or understocking. By understanding factory capacities and planning accordingly, businesses can optimize production timelines and minimize any potential bottlenecks. Additionally, Izzy highlights the importance of considering constraints and restrictions for new product lines, such as FDA approvals or import taxes, as they can significantly impact inventory management and logistics planning. Maintaining open communication with suppliers is essential to avoid potential cost increases or delays, ensuring a smooth and successful Q4 season.

Production and Inventory

In the realm of cross-border inventory management, agility is key to success. Izzy shares a transformative approach he employed during the Christmas season of 2020. Facing uncertainties about the demand for a particular product, Izzy engaged in strategic discussions with the factory to explore alternative inventory management options.

Rather than committing to full production inventory, Izzy proposed purchasing only the raw materials necessary for the product. This agile strategy significantly reduced financial risks, as the investment was minimal compared to full production costs. In the event of lackluster sales, the investment in raw materials acted as a safety net. However, if the product performed well, the factory could quickly ramp up production on a weekly basis to meet increasing demand. This flexible approach enabled Izzy to respond dynamically to market trends and optimize production based on short-term demand, reducing the need for long-term predictions.

While this strategy may not be universally applicable, Izzy’s experience highlights the importance of open communication and creative problem-solving in inventory management. By exploring alternative arrangements with factories and adopting adaptive approaches, businesses can avoid risks, protect their downside, and seize opportunities for growth in an ever-changing marketplace.


 Other topics discussed in the episode:

  • Biggest issues with logistics and inventory 
  • Leftover inventory 
  • Avoiding production and inventory risks
  • Logistics during a pandemic
  • Logistics Software
  • Finance and Management Software
  • The future of DTC
  • The right mindset and environment for building a business
  • Finding suppliers and questions to ask them
  • Bulk or fractional buying
  • Advice for Q4 ads


Few words about our podcast

The host of the Markademics podcast is Viktor Stoilov – an advertising strategist, Founder & CEO of Markademics, and co-founder of a 7-figure e-commerce store. 

The podcast’s goal is to give the spotlight to specialists in the marketing industry who make great things happen and provide a place for them to share their experience and knowledge. The podcast explores many different topics such as general marketing, advertising, supply, and logistics.

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