E-commerce in Bulgaria for Foreign Businesses

What You Need to Know Before You Start Advertising in Bulgaria

Before deciding to expand to a new market, e-commerce owners must know all about the specifics of the different types of markets. So, if you have decided to start advertising and selling in Bulgaria, there are many things that you should first take into consideration!


What are those specifics that you must look out for?

There are many advantages, as well as disadvantages, of the Bulgarian market that you should be aware of before you expand your business here and start advertising on Facebook or Google. Starting with the Bulgarian nation and its culture, the standard of living and the spoken languages, to the prices, advertising budgets, shipping and delivery. 


If you want to know how all of these things might affect your business and your whole performance on Facebook, then you should definitely watch this video below! 


You will learn what are the do’s and don’ts of the market, as well as some of the main differences that you might face in Bulgaria. All of this will definitely make it easier for you to decide if the market is suitable for you! 


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