E-commerce growth with Google ads in 2023 – Podcast Ep.6

Brire Josselin Google Ads

The Markademics Podcast Episode 6

Topic: “E-commerce growth with Google ads ”

Special guest: Brice Josselin

In this episode of the Markademics podcast, our host Viktor has invited Brice Josselin who is an expert from France to share his knowledge on how to grow e-commerce businesses specifically with Google Ads.

Who is Brice Josselin?

Brice Josselin is a French digital marketing manager with more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing. He is currently leading the Google Ads Team at Mentor Marketing Agency, situated in Nice, France. He drives sales for e-commerce stores of different sizes in France and worldwide.

About this episode

In this episode, Brice and Viktor will talk more about the advantages of Google Ads, how Performance Max works, the French e-commerce market, the mindset of the French customer, and strategies for effective Youtube ads.

Few words about our podcast

The host of the Markademics podcast is Viktor Stoilov – an advertising strategist, Founder & CEO of Markademics, and co-founder of a 7-figure e-commerce store.

The podcast’s goal is to give the spotlight to specialists in the marketing industry who make great things happen and provide a place for them to share their experience and knowledge. The podcast explores many different topics such as general marketing, advertising, supply, and logistics.

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