Bootstrapping а skincare brand to 7 figures – Podcast Season 2 – Ep.4

Two Ecomm Experts Podcast – Season 2 – Episode 4

Topic: “Bootstrapping а skincare brand to 7 figures ”

Special guest: Kevin Niehoff & Ben Feys

In the fourth episode of the second season of the Two Ecomm Experts podcast, we are welcoming Kevin Niehoff & Ben Feys, American entrepreneurs and creators of the men’s skincare brand YoPrettyBoy.

Who are Kevin Niehoff & Ben Feys?

Kevin Niehoff & Ben Feys are the dynamic force behind YoPrettyBoy, a trailblazing men’s skincare brand. Faced with persistent skincare challenges like acne and eczema, these young professionals refused to settle. Instead, they transformed their frustration into entrepreneurial fuel, birthing the idea of the “Nike of skincare.” In 2019, Ben and Kevin transitioned their passion into a tangible reality, launching YoPrettyBoy as a side hustle. Operating on a lean team of two, they meticulously researched, surveyed, and laid the groundwork before the official launch. Fast forward a few years, and their bootstrapped brand is poised to exceed $1 million in annual revenue, a testament to their dedication and strategic approach.


Importance of Research Before Launch

Kevin and Ben underscore that the success of a business hinges on foundational decisions made before the official launch. They highlight the importance of surveying before diving into the competitive market. The significance of trusting their instincts while relentlessly validating their ideas in the market is crucial. The key insight is the need to balance intuition with real-world data, conducting thorough surveys before committing any resources to the venture.

The entrepreneurs describe their approach to pre-launch surveying, emphasizing the volume game and leveraging accessible tools like Survey Monkey and Google Forms. The strategy involved reaching out to their immediate network and encouraging respondents to share the survey with their wider circles. By casting a wide net, they collected a substantial dataset of around 350 responses, providing a valuable foundation for decision-making. The use of campaigns, email flows, and continuous surveying helped them gather more information and refine their business strategy, highlighting the effectiveness of incentives and the support of a personal network in this critical pre-launch phase. They underscore the willingness of the entrepreneurial community to assist, emphasizing that even influential figures are open to sharing insights, reinforcing the idea that surveying is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.


Other topics discussed in the episode:

  • Challenges in starting a skincare brand
  • Steps to Launching a Business
  • Demographics
  • Initial Profit and Retention of Customers
  • Mistakes in the business
  • Working with agencies
  • Best Hiring Decision
  • Finding a mentor
  • Future of the brand


Few words about our podcast

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