7 Popular Types of Facebook Ad Formats

facebook ad formats

Author: Boryana Ivanova

Facebook is a platform that provides a huge choice of campaigns and targeting options, and this applies to both large e-commerce stores and smaller ones. It is known that there are about 3 billion active users on Facebook daily, which provides numerous opportunities for advertisers. However, connecting with users is becoming more and more difficult, as the average attention span on social media is constantly decreasing – it is reduced to only 8 seconds. This means that your ads must definitely grab their interest. But what kind of ads can you use to accomplish this uneasy task?


1. Single Image Ads

These are ads that contain a single image, copy, and a strong Call to Action button. They allow you to better showcase your product or service by presenting an eye-catching image. This way, you can encourage people to learn more about you, engage with your content, and possibly visit your website and make a purchase. Through this type of advertising, you can increase consumer interest in your brand, awareness of your products or services and boost your sales by providing a simple and straightforward message.


single image ads


2. Video Ads

Video ads are similar to single image ads, the only difference being the format itself. The special thing about this type is that videos are much more engaging than images, they include more elements, tell a story that grabs the interest of users and keeps them longer. Through them, you can show the unique features of your product or service and tell the story of your brand. This is also the reason why this format is increasingly used by most advertisers. Using a variety of these types of ads would boost your sales.


video ads


3. Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are a series of images or videos that users can scroll through, view more products, and go to the specific product landing page on the website. The interesting thing about them is that you can personally select the order of the products or leave this job to the Facebook algorithm, which will make the selection in a way that brings more conversions. Carousel ads allow you to display a large range of products, highlight different features of a product, tell a whole story, and generally present the benefits a buyer will get from your products.


carousel ads


4. Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads connect your product catalog with Facebook Events Manager and the Facebook Pixel. They show people products that have been viewed on your website, making them highly relevant and personalized to user interests, actions and behavior. Dynamic ads can be single image ads, carousel ads, and collection ads. They reach a wide audience of people who have shown some interest in your products but have not purchased yet and are encouraging them to do it.


dynamic ads


5. Collection Ads

Collection ads are a great way for online stores to provide an instant experience to consumers, making them purchase directly. They consist of a cover image or video that the user clicks on to be shown a variety of different products. The advantages of this type of advertising are the easy discovery of products relevant to the user, prompting the user to enter the website and place an order and, of course, displaying a whole range of the product catalog.


collection ads


6. Story Ads

Recently, stories have been probably the most consumed content by Facebook and Instagram users, making story ads extremely effective. They are also a much cheaper format. These ads appear between stories in the form of an image, video or carousel, but their duration is not only 24 hours. According to Facebook research, more than 50% of people who regularly view Instagram and Facebook stories have resulted in more purchases.


story ads


7. Slideshow Ads

This type allows you to reuse existing single image ads, with Facebook gathering the available data and creating a slideshow in video format. In this way, you have the opportunity to show users more content without having additional costs for creating a new video.


slideshow ads


Using a variety of advertising options would lead to a boost in the sales of your e-commerce store, as well as an increase of the ROAS. There is not a particular ad format that works best, so we encourage you to try all of the different types listed to maximize the potential of your e-commerce store. All of these elements are part of our job at Markademics, and as Facebook advertising specialists, we strive to create the right advertising strategies and get the desired results.

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