7 Facebook Ads Mistakes You Should Avoid This BFCM

We created a special video about the TOP 7 Facebook Ads Mistakes that every e-commerce advertiser should avoid during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We are sharing with you valuable information from our experience as specialists in the advertising field for more than 5 years now. You can watch the whole video here:



Even though the biggest day for online stores is just around the corner and there is almost no time left for preparation, you can still make some last-minute changes to your planning and be one step ahead of your competitors!


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are one of the most important days of the year for every e-commerce business. That’s why the planning for this period is of great importance for every advertiser and if you don’t do it properly, this might just benefit your competitors instead. 


In order to be ready for BFCM, online marketers should know the importance of this period, the type of preparation they need, the problems they might expect and how to solve them quickly. 


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