5 lessons on how to start your own brand from the founders of PrettyBoy

Recently on our podcast Two Ecomm Experts, we had Kevin Niehoff and Ben Feys. They are American entrepreneurs and founders of the skincare brand PrettyBoy. Together with our host and founder of Markademics – Viktor Stoilov, they discussed how they started the brand and their journey to 7-figures. They had a conversation packed with value, you can’t miss out on watching here

We learned so much from these innovative entrepreneurs, but here are our top 5:


1. Be Lean as Possible in the Beginning 

Despite the conventional approach of e-commerce brands of hiring big teams of experts, the founders of Pretty Boy decided on a more optimal approach. Kevin and Ben effectively reached the 7 figure mark with a lean team of two! They advocate for a hands-on approach in the initial stages of the business and handling tasks such as Facebook ads personally. Later down the line, they suggest seeking the help of contractors and agencies for challenges beyond the founder’s scope.


2. Survey A LOT before launching a product 

Before diving into developing the product, our guests did extensive market research on the niche they were getting into. They credit their success to the “copious amounts” of surveys conducted before the launch of their brand PrettyBoy. These surveys provided valuable insights into men’s skincare preferences, concerns, and price points, enabling them to make intentional and informed decisions about their product. The founders utilized tools like Survey Monkey, reaching out to their network and gathering data. This information guided their choices, emphasizing quality over quantity in the initial product offerings and establishing a foundation for future growth.


3. R&D is an ongoing process 

The entrepreneurs also underscore the importance of the ongoing process of gathering data, understanding their customers better, and leveling up their product. They leveraged incentives and email campaigns that ensure well-informed decision-making. This commitment to ongoing validation reflects their dedication to understanding customer needs and adapting their strategies accordingly. 


4. Value over Discounts

The founders of PrettyBoy are firm advocates of the value of their brand and oppose the idea of discounts as a means to reach a business goal. They want to avoid their brand being perceived as a “discount brand” and contrary to that they ensure that their customers perceive the real value of their skincare brand. By choosing to focus on the quality and benefits of their product, Kevin and Ben prioritize building a brand that stands out based on its intrinsic value rather than relying on pricing incentives.


5. Leverage your network 

Kevin and Ben’s approach serves as a testament to the power of leveraging one’s network. Embracing the bootstrapped mentality they connected with people from their circle and capitalized on their talents. Examples of this are using a videographer friend for recording promotional materials and using a friend’s house for a shooting location. Minimizing expenses in this way showcased an innovative approach by turning to those around them to fulfill company needs. By creatively tapping into their network, Kevin and Ben not only saved money during their brand’s launch but also showcased the importance of strategic relationships in overcoming challenges and building a strong foundation for entrepreneurial success.


These are our top 5, but sure, there is so much more value in our fourth episode of this season of Two Ecomm Experts. Watch it here on YouTube or listen on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Google Podcasts.

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